I remember following the numbers of a dot-to-dot growing up. 1,2,3,4... drawing a line from each one until I reached the last number in the sequence.

At first, it was always unclear what the image would be. Slowly but surely, as I connected the dots, a picture emerged.

In life, the ever-growing pressures to have everything figured out yesterday means we often fail to look at the bigger picture.

Leading to missed opportunities as the results don’t seem to come fast enough, we... stop, give up? We don't CONNECT the dots to achieve the bigger picture?

That is why I have created CONNECT Hub, to give us a way to take a breath and slow the f*ck down.

I believe there is a framework that allows us to do this and that is why I have started this endeavour.

CONNECT is about laying a foundation on which to build the pillars for a prosperous future.

The mission is clear, to grow a community that is centred around sharing information and stories that help each other to learn and grow.

With the aim of creating a culture of abundance, one that celebrates authenticity and creativity.

We must adapt to the ever-changing environment and the best way to do this is by supporting each other.

This is about adding long-term value and developing a mindset of big picture thinking.

Remember, everyday spent learning about yourself and the world around you is another dot connected.

Results aren't always grand and obvious. It is our continous hard work and focus, that over time, lead to lasting change. It is the incremental improvements that add up to something special.

My Dad always used to say “this is the first day of the rest of your life.“ One different decision can set you on a new path.

Join me and CONNECT. Not only to yourself at a deeper level, but to those around you.

  • Challenge yourself to be curious.

  • Ask questions to find out more.

  • Think bigger picture.

  • Make incremental improvements that over time, lead to a lasting change.

CONNECT Hub is here to support you on your Journey, so feel free to get involved and ask any questions!

Life is challenging enough without us constantly sh*tting on each other. Especially in these difficult times. So let us work together and achieve more!

CONNECT those Dots and Plug into the Process!

Much love everyone!


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